An introduction to Higher Education

This week I was (re)introduced to the concept of Higher Education. However, this introduction differed from the norm as I sat in a room in 272 High Holborn somewhere between being an academic/teacher and a student. We were addressed by Dr Susan Orr who aimed to situate UAL and art, design and media education in the wider university context alongside introducing the concept of signature pedagogies which was something of great interest to me.


Looking towards the future

As I start this new journey into teaching within the Higher Education environment I feel that it’s appropriate for me to take a moment to reflect on my personal experiences and motivations as a vehicle towards the future.

Having always been curious as a child and a teen some of my favourite responses to questions included “how?” and “why?”. These two simple words served me well and continue to do so as an adult as a tool for engaging further in conversations and simultaneously learn new things. Conversation is vital to innovation and I am excited by the prospect of assisting a new generation of thinkers and makers in developing their ideas about the world and their practice through helping them to challenge their initial thoughts.

Over the next year, I am keen to positively impact student learning and experiences by sharing alternative perspectives on theories, sharing key current industry insights and providing food for thought on the gaps I see in the industry. I would like to approach teaching in a holistic way, providing context for new ways of approaching problem-solving. The latter is very important in facilitating a key shift in thinking before students reach the sector. A change in culture starts in the classroom and works for the better. With the last-mentioned in mind, I am also keen to explore research opportunities in areas related to my practice and how we may be able to further push boundaries of the status quo thus developing my own personal learning and experiences.